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KolorHEM d.o.o. is company founded back in 2004. as a continuation of distribution of industrial coatings producers „DUGA“ and „CHEMIT“ in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market. We represent reputable companies such as "Duga" Belgrade, "Helios" Slovenia, "Zvezda-Helios" Gornji Milanovac, "Swarovski" Austria, "Scott Bader" England - Croatia. We also own freight company KolorHEM, located at the customs office of Brčko.

Experience matters! Years of hands-on field work and great cooperation with local and international clients all around the Europe, have brought us status of the leading company in the fields of production, domestic and foreign trade of all kinds of paintings and coatings. From small businesses to large organisations, we add value to your supply chain with intelligent and flexible solutions.


We want to be a leading supplier of all kinds of paintings and coatings in the region and beyond. We are targeting extensive growth and being among the most profitable in our industry. This way we are able to set the direction of our own development while being an attractive business partner


Partnership, quality and affordability. We deliver all materials from our stock according to your needs and specific arrangements. We can efficiently and quickly obtain any material without limit in any color spectrum or quantity ordered. We will always give you technical advice, product quality and characteristics as well as the application of the most optimal techniques.

Coatings for wooden industry

Our paints and varnishes are based on premium brands of nitr-cellulose, alkyd, acrylic and polyurethane binders and their combinations. Can be used on almost all types of wood surfaces. We prepare all kinds of shades and effects according to the personal requirements of the customer

Metal coatings

Protection of metal surfaces with coatings is still one of the main ways of protection and loses none of its importance, especially when we consider that metal, as the material, is still irreplaceable in various industrial fields and in construction.

Road paint

From our range of products, we also offer coating for thin-layer signaling and marking. The coating is based acrylic binders, pigments, organic solvents and auxiliary agents. It is designed as a thin-film coating for horizontal signalization of roads, streets, parking lots and other similar surfaces.


High-quality industrial material that has a very wide application. It's hard to damage it and it last long. We offer resins, glass mat, roving cloth, and any other additional components.

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